45min "Summer fit" sessions begin ...

week of june 2, 2015!!!

Saginaw Location - 633 W. McLeroy Blvd., 76179 (Pay for session @ Saginaw Rec Center)


BNSF "Employees ONLY" - Corporate Location Co-ed

Tuesdays arrival between 10:45am-12:30pm* OR 3:15pm-5:30pmThursdays arrival between 10:45am-12:30pm* OR 3:15pm-5:30pmSessions based on minimum of 12 clients for each time slot. Also, you are able to attend different times.

Please remember that ALL payments most be paid in full to hold your spot. Payment plans available on request.

NOTE: If you are not able to make your regular schedule time/location, you may make up your session at another time/location ... NO carry over sessions to next session.

*Arrive anytime between time frame to get your 45min workout.

Locations & Registration

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